"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties."
- Erich Fromm-



Müge Olacak, the Founding Director of Atelier Muse, works as a consultant,  arts and culture manager in addition to her own artistic productions based in Istanbul and Isparta. She graduated from the department of Business Administration at Boğaziçi University (’08, Istanbul) and has gained strategic marketing and business development experience within various multinational companies. She has continued her contemporary dance and choreography education (’12), which she started in Turkey, in Poland (2015-16). Müge has been actively involved in the fields of contemporary dance and performance, has produced interdisciplinary works focusing on women, freedom of expression, taboos, personal and social relationship issues since 2012. She is the co-founder of SzurSure (Poland) performance group. Müge has received grants from the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), HAU Hebbel-am-Ufer Berlin, Hrant Dink Foundation, Nantes Creative Generations, European Cultural Foundation, KOSGEB Entrepreneurship Program and, brought the NCG Cooperation Award (’17) to Atelier Muse. Her writings mainly about dance have been published on Gaia DergiDans Yazım (Co-founder), BUMED Magazine,  Theater Research International (Cambridge University Press, UK) and  Jukebox Today (Chief Editor) by Atelier Muse. She has been contributing life via personal business management consultancy in addition to arts, culture and social projects in Atelier Muse since 2017. 


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Business Consultancy

Entrepreneurship, business development, strategic marketing, event management, unique arts & culture programs and custom-made projects.

Arts & Culture Management

Curation, production, international & national partnerships development, financial management, project coordination, mentorship.

Artist & Writer

Performance, installation, interdisciplinary production, dance/art writing based on research, mainly about women, freedom of expression, self & social relations.



A comprehensive, curious and contemporary approach to movement.

Curator / Project Coordinator




Moving with curiosity and excitement of sharing via talks,
workshops, personal/group sessions, performances.
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Kabutar (Piegon)

Cultural exchange exhibition between Turkey, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Italy, and France. Visit on 5-8th Sept in Circuit Istanbul.


Frequency: Blue

Blue is infinity,
Water on earth, air in the sky, sound in the body and love in life,
Symbol of infinity
Cause it frees us, our dreams, movements, sounds…

(Performance Selection)



Thank you for sharing all the moments we have together.


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