Dance in Berlin in a nutshell; Corpus Nil: Eingeweide

Black light, a covered something down on the ground hanging from a crane arm. This something is moving under cover. Until it comes out, 1/3 of whole period. 2/3 part, dim light image; a robot looking at audience, looking, moving up and down with its arm. 3/3, a robot arm on the back of the performer. He is bend-over on the ground. Robot is continuously touching him, like a whipping move. He is coming closer to audience. So slow. We even did not get when he came all close. Mainly, moving arms and down and a generous move show head, neck and shoulders.


Is this a kind of butoh or improvisation performance? Who is moving under the cover? If this is a performance with AI, is it a robot? Are the moves connected with blue light? Who is controlling? Is it independent? Is this a whole robot performance or is there a human body out there? Is an arm robot or no? Do we need robots for performances? Is it an object or a partner? Is it controlling him or does he have any effect on its moves? What is the relationship between them? Is it a he or she? Does this matter?

Valuable contribution to development of integration AI into performance world. Keep digging. Keep searching. Keep moving.

Corpus Nil: Eingeweide by Marco DonnarummaCTM 2018 Turmoil Festival, February 2018, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, Germany


Concept, music, programming, robotics, light, performance: Marco Donnarumma
Stage and choreography: Marco Donnarumma, Margherita Pevere
Robotics visual design and costume: Ana Rajcevic
Robotics 3D modelling and engineering: Christian Schmidt
Artistic consultancy: Margherita Pevere
Live audio mastering: Dadub Studio
Additional programming: Alberto de Campo
Scientific partner: Neurorobotics Research Laboratory, Beuth Hochschule
Light technology: Protopixel

*This writing series is a collection of Müge Olacak during her research in Berlin, 2018.

Cover photo from Marco Donnarumma web site.


“This dance writing series has been produced during my research fellowship in HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin and published on Gaia Dergi. This particular writing has been published on February 2018”