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Buradaydım / I was here

Buradaydım / I was here!

Interactive installation, 2018

Concept: Müge Olacak

Production: Atelier Muse

Publications: With the courtesy of participating dance writers/platforms; Müge Olacak, Berna Kurt, Dancefeed, Mehmet Kerem Özel, Viereinhalb Sätze


Body art in all forms seems ephemeral. The body is ephemeral and humans has been trying to be immortal in different forms. On the other hand, the soul is immortal. It is there all the time or without a time concept. Like our bodies, in dance, we do not have to understand what we see but feel it. And it is ok what we feel. It is us!

Writing is another form of materialisation of the soul. Such as “dance writing” to carry an information to others who were not there. Dance writers bring questions, observations, judgements or stories into the surface out of the pieces. As we look in the mirror to ourselves.

The project “I was here!” aims to create a space for dance writers around the world to come together with different audience via carrying the information they have collected in their communities. “I was here!” is inspired by reflections of the immortality need of human beings by people’s daily behaviour in bars by leaving a mark on a wall, mirror or on the objects there.

In the work, the audience is asked to choose their favourite parts/sentences/statements/words of the writings from the dance writers’ platforms and write it to the mirror on the wall as a free space. They can also select the ready-to-use stickers that are printed beforehand to put on the mirror. At the end, this became a wall where the last marks of the piece shine. Now it is an opaque wall rather than the mirror. We do not see ourselves anymore, but we know, we were here!

Participating dance writers’ and platforms’ web sites will be shared via QR codes in the exhibition area. So, visitors can go check the websites. They can select and join the experience in the booth or just keep reading…

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