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Dans Yazım (Dance Writing) Project

logoDans Yazım (Dance Writing) is a project aimed at establishing a platform of dance writers who, with their different backgrounds and experience, will start a fresh discourse about contemporary dance in Turkey.

Dans Yazım wishes to contribute to the emergence of dance writers through both theoretical and practical input. During the theory workshops, the participants are not only led through the essentials of dance criticism by experienced mentors, but also get an insight to the fundamental parts of a dance performance by invited professionals from the relevant field.

Dans Yazım provides a unique opportunity to reveal and develop the different approach and individual style of each participant and tries to boost the presence of dance writing online by creating an active and interactive platform between the audience, critics and the artists themselves.

Project is co-founded by Müge Olacak and Edit Bapcanyova.

Partnership: KÖM (Critics’ Self-Educating Workshop) – L1 Association, ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association, A Corner in the World Festival, Gama Gallery, Gaia Magazine, SALT, Mixer, Hungarian Culture Centre

Choreography Creation Workshop Series

The aim of the project is encouraging performers to create their own works by equipping them with contemporary dance, improvisation, creativity and production techniques and practice. This project raised the bar in the contemporary dance trainings in Turkey in addition to universities.

Choreography Creation Workshops are for artists who want to produce choreographies and artists having experience in performance arts and dance disciplines for sharing theoretic and practical works in this process.

Project is coordinated by Müge Olacak and Edit Bapcanyova.

Choreographs: Erdem Gündüz; Mustafa Kaplan, Cansu Ergin, Athanasia Kanellopoulou, Talin Buyukkurkciyan

Hosted by ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association

Artist Residency Organisation


Tetsuro Fukuhara; Space Dance in the Tube; 2016, Warsaw – Poland

Partnership: Pompka Foundation

Venues: Warsaw Dance Department, Palace of Culture and Science


Gonzalo Catalinas Gallego; Zero – Butoh Dance, 2015, Istanbul – Turkey

Partnership: Edit Bapcanyova

Artist collaboration: Suwan Kim, Duygu Demir

Venues: ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association, Köşe Performance Venue